1965...I just got into the circulatory system in all ways. The circular breathing only came later, but it did not take long...But with only one breath in backstroke underwater dolphin kick till Tokaj...? Hmm...The world famous French-American superlung breathing technique for students and teachers as well...the subconscious yoga came afterwards. The Breathing!

First the trumpet, after the saxophone at the age of eighteen. Perfecting on the latter, which is my real favorite and improving on the panpipe. I can't stand to be bounded to anything. I'm interested in everything! I would be interested! Time and me were good friends (I hope so) and now we are still good friends (I hope so). During my life I would try everything what is possible, moreover: those things too what are impossible with the childhood's purity, with prank, without any fear. My parents, my older sister, and the adults who surronded me tried to have control over me. Sometimes I was playing with fire, but I never crossed the treshold. I was practicing, blew my own trumpet. Telemann Sonata, Bernhard, Joseph Haydn and many more classics.
The restless and curious part of me, the different genres of music, and the musical instruments what are involved in these, the WONDERLAND itself. I was enchanted by the drums, mesmerized by the bass guitar and the piano. I have tried all these instruments, and later I passed exams of this arsenal of musical instruments. I was playing in different bands at home, on abroad, at night clubs and on globetrotter luxury liner...I performed many Hungarian and international albums.


The saxophone netted a sweet web around me, a delirious consolation, a deep and compassionate lust, and veneration from me...all these elements came to bemusements. Soprano before the alto and before that the tenor. Now this trio doesn't abandone me, I won't allow, I don't want to. Let them play, speak on my own language, on the language of music, the words transferred to the sound of music to tell about the imaginations!

Hungary - home, The United States - wow, Jamaica - fullcool, Grand Cayman - we splashed, Puerto Rico - windstorm of latin music, Martinique - weird fruits, Mexico - surfing, Costa Rica - the navigating yachts at the marina, Venezuela - uh-oh, Grenada - hurricane, St.Thomas - sand, jeep, blue lagoon...then a hairpin bend, Hungary again, as a base camp...Slovakia - the 'cool' televison action, Checz Republic - what a fun, Transylvania - many performs for many people, England - almost settled there, Italy - heated to the maximum, Germany - Lou Bega, Vera Bila, Austria - irish-styrish, France - The World Music Day at the Europian Art of House, Portugal - World Expo and MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC everywhere from everyone. From particular people I accept, and from others not, but besides it is still an experience. Attention and humility for Nature, Life and Music. Because that's the way! Schools at home and abroad. Unique sounding, own genre, and individual presentation. Nozzle, reed, musical instruments.

The possibility of self-actualization has been fulfilled in 1994. My first album has been released in Hungary, called St.Martin 1. It was just newly released, and let's go to Malaysia, where we presented and released this album at the same year. Thousands of it has been sold. It was such a sucsess in Asia that it became a golden record first there. I had been invited there for many times. World famous musicians met in Kuala Lumpur, and I was invited there as well. We made an album together, called 'Sax For Lovers'. Candy Dulfer, Tom Scott, Warren Hill, Nelson Rangell, Eric Marienthal, Kenny G., St. Martin. Press conference with Yanni, the world famous greek pianist. It was fun! Party jamming with the local wizards of music. Brilliant musicians, and the event called TOP OF THE PUB'S!

Albums released in Hungary, one after the other, and afterwards in Europe also.

Experiences again, and so much to say.
Specialities equally abroad and at home. Unique outdoor locations to perform...Meeting with the loving audience again and again...Then I step down in between the rows, then we chat, but in this special case only in one direction: I blow the saxophone, and they listen.