St.Martin & Syrinx | Jubilee album

The title is mysterious.
Who or what is Syrinx? Duett sounding but why and with whom?

Syrinx - is an ancient musical instrument of sheperds, a bunch of pipes of various length and calibre. The cylinders are clamped together with wax and twine in a way that the upper endings are forming a slantwise line, what makes possible to slide them along the mouth, as the tune neccessitates.

The syrinx or Pan’s pipe, what origins back in the distant ancient times, spreaded all over the wordl and takes share in the folk based music of particular ethnical groups (romanian folk musicbands etc.) Papageno’s musical instrument in Mozart’s Magic Flute, and i a way it symbolizes the most primordial and simple human music.

Pan’s flute, Pan the god
Pan (Πάν in greek) was the god of shepherds int he greek mythology with tail, legs, and horns of a goat. His favourites are the sheperds and goat-herds, but the fishermen and the hunters are also under his protection. He bounded up with the nymphs, singing, dancing and playing with them. His peculiar instrument is the pipe and he is often figured with it.

Their common story
Pan was felt in love wit a nymph named Syrinx, but she was ran away from him. The god of sheperds caught up with her by the river, but the gods felt pity for the nymph and transformed her into reeds. Pan used these reeds to construct his pipe what is alco called syrinx.

...let’s soar on together!